Monday, January 11, 2016

Worldwide Devotional Highlights

In case you missed it last night, check out the Worldwide Devotional For Young Adults. President Russell M. Nelson and Sister Wendy Watson Nelson taught some amazing truths about "Millennials" and their purpose and destiny. You won't want to miss it!

Sister Nelson taught about preparing ourselves to one day, meet face-to-face with the Savior. She extended an invitation to kneel each day for 30 days, thanking Heavenly Father for the scriptures and asking one question that is applicable to us that day. Then she said to open the scriptures and read until we find the answer to that question.

President Nelson taught about what it means to be a true Millennial. He said, "A true Millennial is someone who God trusted to send to earth now to prepare the earth for Jesus Christ. Make no mistake about it, you were born to be a true millennial!" President Nelson extended the invitation to seize every opportunity to help others prepare for the millennial reign of Jesus Christ on the earth.

As you listen to these prophetic words, we pray that you will be inspired to learn more about who you are and where you are going, and how to better fulfill your mission here on earth.

- Angalee

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