Saturday, January 16, 2016

Improving Your Temple Experience

Attending the temple is a lot like fasting, in that being inside and involved requires us to make certain sacrifices. Instead of giving up food, we give up time, which can sometimes be difficult. Also like fasting, attending the temple can be less fulfilling when we have the wrong attitude about it. Temple attendance, however, can be an edifying experience that blesses both the person doing the ordinances and the person we are doing them for. In order to truly appreciate the spirit of the temple as well as the covenants we make there, we need to go into it prepared and, while inside, be more involved with the experience. With a greater effort on our part, our temple trips can be more consistently inspiring. LDS Living posted a great article entitled, "6 Ways to Improve Your Temple Experience," in which they give suggestions on a few ways to improve your temple experience.

1. Clear your schedule of as many things as possible before going. 
2. Take a family name. 
3. Pray beforehand and with purpose. 
4. Take care of your physical needs prior to attending. 
5. Read scriptures at the end of your time in the temple.
6. Remember!

For the past couple years I have been making Temple Punch Cards. I have some for adults and some for children who are not old enough to have a temple recommend. They are a fun way to help remind us of what is most important! Click here for Temple Punch Cards

- Tricia

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