Thursday, June 2, 2016


Just a friendly reminder to get going on your water storage! As a stake provident living committee, we feel strongly impressed to invite you to store water NOW. If you've already received the water barrels you've ordered, please fill them! Don't wait until it's too late. You never know when disaster will strike, so be prepared and ye shall not fear.

Store as much water as you can. We all know that not everyone will be obedient to the counsel to store water. Please store as much water as you possibly can so that there will be enough for everyone when disaster strikes.

Each person needs, AT THE VERY LEAST, 14 gallons. That's the MINIMUM, and will only be enough for keeping yourself alive. Many will be surprised to know that they'll actually need a lot more water than they think. In addition to drinking, water is needed for cooking, cleaning, bathing, watering plants and for animals. It's a good idea to store at least one 55-gallon barrel of water per person. That means that if you are a family of five, you should store at least five 55-gallon barrels of water. If you are a family of eight, you should store at least eight 55-gallon barrels of water.

For more information on how to store water, click here, here, here, herehere.

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