Sunday, September 11, 2016


As we reflect upon the tragic events that happened 15 years ago, we remember what many realized that day--that so much can change in an instant. As we honor those whose lives were lost and reflect upon how this event has changed us all, let us move forward by honoring our God, through obedience to the words of His prophets; and by preparing our homes and families for whatever may come.

The prophet Joseph Smith said, "We as a church, must be under His guidance if we are prospered, preserved, and sustained. Our only confidence can be in God; and safeguard, spiritually and temporally, or we fall"  (Teachings of Presidents of the Church, Joseph Smith, (2011), 158-70).

I testify to you that the only peace and security we can achieve in this world is through God's diving plan for us, by obedience to His laws, and through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As we put our trust in Him and act in faith, He will deliver us.

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