Monday, September 12, 2016

FHE: Regional Conference Recap

For family home evening tonight, discuss the messages you received in our regional broadcast yesterday. Talk about ways we can be obedient to the counsel given by the Lord's servants, and set some goals to follow that counsel. If you missed this amazing conference, we're sorry! It was powerful! Here are some questions you can ask yourself or your family, relating to the topics discussed in this wonderful conference:

  • How does the Book of Mormon bless our lives?
  • How does the Holy Ghost testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon?
  • How can we study the scriptures, specifically the Book of Mormon, with greater meaning and purpose?
  • How does the Book of Mormon help us prepare spiritually and temporally?
  • Why it is important to always remember? (see Helaman 5)
  • In what ways are we blessed with an added measure of the Spirit when we study the Book of Mormon?
  • What does it mean to be a true disciple of Christ and what do we need to do better to become a true disciple?
  • How do the prevailing philosophies of the world have us believe that there is no right and wrong?
  • Who is hastening the work of the Lord and how is He doing it?
  • What is the work of salvation? (see Church Handbook)
  • Why are preaching the gospel and the work of redeeming the dead, equally important in hastening the work of the Lord?
  • What are the evidences of the Lord's hastening of His work in our day?
  • How can we become truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ?
  • Why is it important to observe the Sabbath day and how can we do it better?
  • Study the epistles of Paul and apply those teachings in your own life.
  • In what ways are our blessings unprecedented in the history of the world? 
  • What are some ways people pervert the gospel of Jesus Christ? 
  • What are the false christ's in our day and how could they deceive us?
  • How can we assure that our spiritual roots are always connected to the living water?
  • What can we do to ensure that we focus on the teachings of the gospel and not allow others to lead us astray?
  • How should we treat others who ask questions about the gospel? And is there a way we can help them?
  • What counsel have our leaders given us that we have become casual to in our obedience?
  • Are we living beyond our means? If so, how can we change that?
  • How can we show gratitude to the Lord for our blessings?
  • How does our daily schedule or media use affect our spirituality?
  • Are we looking down at our devices more than we are looking up?
  • How do we treat our neighbors? Do we persecute others for their beliefs?
  • Have we sufficiently turned our hearts to God to avoid the judgments that we read about in the Book of Mormon?
  • How are we preparing ourselves, our families, our friends, and our neighbors to receive the Savior?

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