Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Regular oats are rolled, whole-grain oat kernels. Quick oats are whole-grain oat kernels that have been cut into smaller pieces before being rolled. The nutritional value of regular and quick oats is the same, however, the smaller pieces make it easier for quick oats to absorb water than old fashioned oats, which allows for a shorter cooking time than regular oats. Because of this, quick oats may be a better option in emergency situations where fuel and water is limited. Many people prefer the substantial texture of regular oats, but quick oats are a bit easier to digest because they are already broken down into smaller pieces.

As part of our stake order for September, we are offering regular and quick oats from the Church's home storage center. To order, sign up through your ward provident living specialist and submit payment to a member of your bishopric by the end of your ward's block of meetings on Sunday(September 18). Write "provident living" in the "other" section of a tithing/donations slip. 

For more information about the stake order for September, click here.

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