Saturday, November 19, 2016


The Wondermill Junior Deluxe is a cordless, hand-crank mill with interchangeable stone and stainless steel heads. Milling your own flour is a great way to always have fresh, nutritious ingredients for your recipes. The Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe is a valuable preparedness tool that allows you to adjust the texture of your grains from very fine flour to coarse cereal. This mill has a large, quart-sized hopper and includes a set of stainless steel burrs to grind oily products like nuts or spices, which the other grain mills cannot handle. This is one of the best hand-crank grain mills on the market!

The Wondermill Junior Deluxe has one-piece construction and the patented dual clamp means you don’t need to worry about the hopper coming off during milling. The central support pillar is set back to make it easy to collect the flour below.  The mill is powder-coated for easy cleaning. The mill comes with an instruction manual. Drill attachment and bicycle attachment are sold separately.

The Wondermill Junior Deluxe can be purchased HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.


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