Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Grab-&-Go Binder

This weekend, the Mormon Channel posted another Self-Reliance tip on emergency grab-and-go binders. They said:
"Having a “grab-and-go” binder full of all your important documents can come in handy during emergencies large and small. Making insurance claims, searching for missing loved ones (heaven forbid), staying in touch with family and friends, registering children for school, administering first aid, traveling, accessing your financial accounts, and more will all be much easier if you have some essential documents, phone numbers, and information at your fingertips."
This spring I created my own grab-and-go binder. It has come in handy a lot! In fact, I use it on a regular basis. I love having all of my important information and documents in one place. For ideas on how you can start your own grab-n-go binder, go to mormonchannel.org.

- Angalee

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