Monday, January 25, 2016

Sabbath Day FHE

Keeping the Sabbath day holy continues to be a theme stressed by our church leaders, which means it is something we need to continue to work to become better at.

In the October 2015 General Conference, Elder Quentin L. Cook taught that we are expected to use our time in this life to plan and prepare to meet God. One of the best ways to prepare and strengthen our spirit is by observing the Sabbath day. Elder Cook said, "Honoring the Sabbath is a form of righteousness that will bless and strengthen families, connect us with our Creator, and increase happiness." He also taught that divine protections are provided when we are righteous, and that truly keeping the Sabbath day holy will provide for us a refuge from the storm.

For Family Home Evening tonight, consider this fun idea by, to help your family better understand which activities are appropriate for the Sabbath day.

Our observance of the Sabbath day is an outward expression of our inward commitment to the Lord. We know that as we work to better keep the Sabbath day holy, the Lord will recognize our efforts and we will become sanctified, happier and have peace.

- Angalee

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