Saturday, January 23, 2016

72-Hour Kits

It's Saturday which means we are sharing the Provident Living post from the Mormon Channel. 
Today's tip is how to make a 72 hour kit or "go-bag." Here is a comment from about emergency preparedness:
"Members of the Church have been counseled for many years to be prepared for adversity. Preparation, both spiritual and temporal, can dispel fear. With the guidance of Church leaders, individual members and families should prepare to be self-reliant in times of personal or widespread emergency."
We've all been counseled to have a 72-96 hour kit ready for each member of our family in case of emergency.  There are SO many options to compiling your kit.  Here is the link from the church on how to put together a basic 72 hour kit.  

So go and grab an old backpack, suitcase, whatever works best for you.  Make sure you discuss your plans with your family so they know what to do in an emergency, and slowly purchase the items needed for your 72 hour kit.

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