Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Making Family Scripture Study a Priority

I came across this article today by Stephanie Nielsen. She is a blogger and plane crash survivor. I love the topic of this article: "Making Family Scripture Study a Priority."
There have sadly been more times than not in our home where we are running late, or forgot something, or a bad hair day etc that interrupted our family scripture study or made it less than an ideal learning environment. Last year, I really felt like my kids were old enough and it was time to take our scripture reading more seriously. I know we needed the blessings of daily study, so I got the kids up a few minutes earlier, adjusted our schedules just enough that we could all pray together and read a chapter of the Book of Mormon. Not every day was/is perfect, but I have felt the spirit in our home and the peace it provides as the kids leave home to face the world each day.
Read Stephanie's article here: Making Family Scripture Study a Priority

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