Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Days of Noah

"When Noah built the ark, there was no evidence of rain and flood. His warnings were considered irrational. How foolish to build an ark on dry ground with the sun shining and life moving forward as usual! But time ran out. The floods came. The disobedient and rebellious were drowned."
- President Spencer W. Kimball, Faith Precedes The Miracle, 1972

 "When it starts raining, it is too late to begin building the ark. We need to calmly continue to move ahead and to prepare for what will surely come. We need not panic or fear, for if we are prepared spiritually and temporally, we and our families will survive any flood. Our arks will float on a sea of faith if our works have been steadily and surely preparing for the future."

"I ask you earnestly, have you provided for your family a year's supply of food, clothing, and, where possible, fuel? The revelation to produce and store food may be as essential to our temporal welfare today as boarding the ark was in the days of Noah."

 "We live in a day when Lucifer's influence is greater than we ever have known in our lifetimes. In terms of the sin, evil, and wickedness upon the earth, we could liken our day to the days of Noah before the flood."

Brothers and sisters, it is time to get our houses in order. Let's all commit to do better and work harder to become more spiritually and temporally prepared.

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