Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Most of us know that the biggest threat of disaster to those of us who live along the Wasatch Front is an earthquake. There are a lot of things that can disrupt our lives when a moderate to major earthquake strikes. We could be without utilities(electricity, gas, water, sewer) for a number of days, weeks or even months. Many may be displaced from their homes. Roads will be damaged, which will make it difficult or impossible for trucks to make deliveries to stores. There will be a shortage of food, or no food, because stores will be closed. It will be difficult or impossible for the Church to be able to bring in food for days, or maybe weeks. In a major emergency, we will have to rely on what we've stored and prepared for, or be at the mercy of our neighbors. It's sobering to think about the possibilities if we haven't been diligent in following the counsel of our prophets to be prepared.

Elder Victor L. Brown of the presiding bishopric said, "The responsibility for each person's social, emotional, spiritual, physical, or economic well-being rests first upon himself, second, upon his family, and third, upon the Church if he is a faithful member thereof. The individual is responsible for caring for himself and his family. The apostle Paul wrote, 'But if any provide not for his own, and specifically for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.' This duty rests upon individuals for themselves, upon parents for their children, upon children for their aged parents and grandparents. This duty can be met only through the wise use of individual and family resources," ("The Church and Family in Welfare Services," April 1976).

President Spencer W. Kimball said, "No true Latter-day Saint, while physically or emotionally able, will voluntarily shift the burden of his own or his family's well-being to someone else. So long as he can, under the inspiration of the Lord and with his own labors, he will supply himself and his family with the spiritual and temporal necessities of life," (Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Spencer W. Kimball, 114-23).

The Brethren have counseled us to prepare "every needful thing" so that we will not have to voluntarily shift the burden of our well-being on others. Each of us should be doing everything in our power to stay away from and get out of debt, especially consumer debt; to store food, water, and items that will help us survive in times of distress; and to become more self-reliant. The Lord will bless those who work to bless themselves. He knows our hearts. He knows our desires. And only He knows whether or not we've made the effort He requires of us. Not everyone can and will prepare in the same way, but if we ask the Lord for guidance, we'll know what we should do and how to accomplish it.

So, back to the earthquakes... Did you know that the state of Utah did an earthquake impact study in 2015, for a 7.0 earthquake? Well, they did! The study shows the impact of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake centered in Salt Lake City, and the effects on the surrounding communities. See that tiny little red spot where we live, on the map above? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we're in for a bumpy ride, and at least a few weeks without utilities, grocery stores, gas stations, etc., so please prepare. Begin by storing water NOW, work on building up your 3-month supply of food storage, and then build up your 1-year supply of longer term food storage. Make an emergency plan and put together some emergency kits.

We know that when we are diligent and obedient in keeping the commandments, Heavenly Father can and will bless us with faith, strength, power, safety and peace. If we've done all we can, to do as He asks, He will make up difference in all that we lack. What an incredible blessing!

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  1. Great article! But I also wanted to share a link that will give more than just the earthquake risks in Utah. This has maps for all the Utah counties and shows the other geological risk maps.