Friday, May 6, 2016

We've Got A Plan!

Did you know that our stake has an emergency response plan? That's comforting, right?! But the execution of that plan depends on each ward in the stake.
In the event of an emergency, the stake can communicate the needs of our members to the city by following the city's communication plan, and to the Church, by following the Church's communication plan. Follow-through of the emergency plan for each ward falls under the direction of the bishop of each ward. Bishops give direction for emergency response through their Ward Emergency Coordinator. Communication from each ward to the stake can come through the bishop or the Ward Communications Specialists. Communication from the wards to the stake will be directed to the Stake Emergency Coordinator. The Stake Emergency Coordinator will then communicate the needs of the members of our stake to the city and local government, and to the Stake President, who will then communicate the needs of the members of our stake to the appropriate Church Authorities.

Individual members of the stake are encouraged to have a family emergency plan and to practice the plan on a regular basis. Members are also encouraged to participate at an appropriate level with the ward and stake emergency plans.

Each ward should have a detailed plan of what to do in case of emergency. To find out your ward's plan, contact your Ward Emergency Coordinator, or ask your bishop about the plan for your ward. To find out the name of your Ward Emergency Coordinator, check out the Stake Emergency Contact List. To view the Stake Emergency Plan, click here

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