Monday, June 6, 2016

FHE: Lehi's Tent

Check out this fun family home evening idea from the July 1989 Ensign, "Home Evening in Lehi's Tent (Almost)". Before family home evening, set up a tent in your backyard or make a blanket tent in your living room. Gather your family inside the tent and tell the story of Lehi and his family leaving Jerusalem. Discuss how Lehi and his family dwelt in a tent in the wilderness. Talk about how hard it must have been for them to leave their home and the comforts of city life, to deal with the heat, the bugs, the lack of food and all of the other problems they encountered. Talk about how easy it would have been to complain, like some of Lehi's family did, and about how great it would be if everyone could have been more like Nephi. Make some goals as a family to try harder not to murmur and be more patient with each other during difficult times. Then head outside, build a camp fire and make s'mores.

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