Sunday, June 5, 2016


Today is the 40th anniversary of the Teton Dam Disaster. reported the story:
"Just minutes before noon, the northern edge of the dam gave way, releasing more than 1 million cubic feet of water per second... A wall of water – more than 20 feet high – thundered down the Teton River canyon, obliterating a power station and concrete plant below the dam in minutes. The water picked up hundreds of recently cut logs that lined the banks near the dam. Those logs, along with heavy equipment, mud and debris, became battering rams... The wall of water rushed down the canyon, heading straight for the communities of Wilford, Newdale, Teton, Sugar City and Rexburg... The Teton Reservoir was 270 feet deep and nearly 17 miles long... The reservoir took about six hours to fully empty, spilling about 80 million gallons of water into eastern Idaho.
"The Idaho Transportation Department estimates some 3,000 people were made homeless by the disaster. Cleanup took months and cost more than $2 billion – more than $8 billion in today’s dollars.  News releases from Rick College show that between June and August, some 386,250 meals and 100,000 person-nights of lodging were provided to those in need."
A few days after the disaster, President Spencer W. Kimball met with a group of Saints at the opening of the Kaysville Grainery. He said:
As a stake, we pray that no moment will ever pass that our families, wards and stake will not be prepared as the Brethren tell us to. May the Lord bless us to go forward with determination from this moment forward that there will never be a time that we are not prepared!

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