Wednesday, June 1, 2016


"I have a sense and a feeling as we have watched some of these disasters in the world, that this is a time for us to learn and to prepare from these experiences. ...The preparation happens in our own homes. There are not enough tents in the world to furnish every person with a tent, unless the members of the Church have a tent in their own homes--a simple thing like that. And then the store house is pressed down, heaped over and running over in our own homes.

"How prepared are you? If an earthquake or an economic disaster happened, would you have enough water to drink for 24 hours? Would you be able to get by until help could come to you? Those are the kinds of things we need to be thinking about in our day and time. The Lord expects us to do our little part. Then He can bring on the miracles. Then we don't need to fear," (Julie B. Beck, General Relief Society Training Broadcast, 04/11/2010).

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