Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Last Thursday was our basic food storage & bread class. If you missed this class, you missed out! 

First, we taught about the importance of food storage and how obedience to this principle arms us with power and blesses us to "fear not." We discussed the Church's recommendations on food storage and introduced the food storage guide created by BYU called, "An Approach to Longer-term Food Storage." We multiplied the recommended amounts on their list to help you know how much food you should store for each member of your family.

We also converted those amounts into cups and tablespoons to show how much food you'd be able to eat each day, if you were to live off a year's supply of those recommended amounts.

This is what one year's supply of food for ONE person looks like (according to BYU's guide):

After learning about food storage, we learned about the different types of wheat, how to use a wheat grinder, and how to make bread. First, we demonstrated a simple bread in a bag

Next, we learned how to make that gorgeous no-knead, overnight bread. This bread was the big hit of the night, because it is so beautiful, so easy to make, and so delicious!

Then, we learned all about natural yeast and how to make your own sourdough start.

And, finally, we taught everyone how to make a simple, delicious, 100% whole wheat bread.

Stay tuned this week for more details on how to make these recipes and for more simple recipes to help you use your food storage. For more recipes, click here.

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