Monday, October 17, 2016

FHE: Serve

For family home evening tonight, study Elder Carl B. Cook's talk, "Serve." Watch, read or listen to the first part of his talk where he shares his experiences of helping out on the farm. Elder Cook explained that sometimes when their old Dodge truck would get stuck they had to shift gears, putting it into a compound gear to allow it to move forward. He said:
"I like to think of each of us as part of a compound gear as we serve together in the Church—in wards and branches, in quorums and auxiliaries. Just as gears combine to provide greater power in compound, we have greater power when we join together. As we unite to serve one another, we accomplish much more together than we could on our own. It is thrilling to be engaged and unified as we serve and assist in the Lord’s work."
Elder Cook spoke about the importance of service and how it blesses our lives and the lives of others.
The opportunity to serve is one of the great blessings of membership in the Church. The Lord has said, “If thou lovest me thou shalt serve me,” and we serve Him by serving others. 
As we serve, we draw closer to God. We come to know Him in ways that we otherwise might not. Our faith in Him increases. Our problems are put into perspective. Life becomes more satisfying. Our love for others increases, as well as our desire to serve. Through this blessed process, we become more like God, and we are better prepared to return to Him.

Discuss how your family makes up a complex system, like the gears of a truck, which can bless the lives of others when you work together. Make a list of ways you can work together to serve each other and your neighbors, and pick one item to do with your family this week. For dessert, try making some sugar cookies in the shape of gears! Click HERE for a link to some tips and a tutorial on how to make these adorable gear-shaped cookies.

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