Thursday, November 3, 2016


The type of flour you use in baking actually does make a difference. Here are the main types of flour you can buy and what they should be used for.

ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR comprises 80% hard red wheat and 20% soft red wheat. It is made only from the endosperm, which has very little (if any) nutrients and very little color, since the germ and bran are naturally darker. Remember that all-purpose flour tends to be bleached and enriched.

Most varieties of BREAD FLOUR are made from hard red spring wheat, since it contains the highest level of protein. Bread flour is ideal for bread. It is milled only from the endosperm, so there is little nutrition in this type of flour. Bread flour also tends to be bleached and enriched.

CAKE FLOUR is usually derived from soft white wheat, but is usually only milled from the endosperm, and is often bleached.

PASTRY FLOUR has a slightly higher percentage of protein than cake flour, which is likely derived from the endosperm of hard white wheat.

SELF-RISING FLOUR is a combination of all-purpose flour, baking powder and salt.  

WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR is made by grinding the entire kernel of wheat. Whole wheat flour has the highest nutritional content, with the highest amount of protein. 

To learn more about enriched flour, click HERE. To learn more about bleached flour, click HERE.

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