Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Preparedness Check

Have you heard about the recent earthquakes in Utah? There have been several throughout the state this past week. This phenomena is what seismologists call a swarm. Sometimes they're no big deal, and sometimes they can lead to larger, more significant earthquakes.

It's cold outside; which means that without proper preparation for winter weather, a power outage due to an earthquake, winter storm or malfunction in the power grid will be really miserable! As you break out the winter clothes for fun in the snow, it would also be a great time to see if you have enough food and water on hand, and several ways to help you keep warm in case of a power outage.

Click HERE for some great suggestions on how to keep warm during a power outage. For more information on how much water you should store, click HERE. For more information how much food to store, click HERE & HERE.

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