Monday, December 5, 2016

FHE: Jesus Healed The Sick & So Can You

Have you been "lighting the world" this week? Today's focus is on healing the sickFor FHE tonight, teach your family about the Savior and how he healed others. Think of someone who is sick or otherwise afflicted and discuss what you can do to lift those in need.

When offering help to someone, don't just tell them to let you know when they need help. Be specific! When alleviating suffering, it may be helpful to focus on fulfilling basic needs. From words of encouragement, to gifts and service, there is always a way to lift and bless. Here are some ideas to help you get started:
  • Take a hot meal or something that can be heated later
  • Babysit or take children on outings
  • Send a card or note with encouraging words
  • Send a text or message on social media
  • Write a letter reminding them of their good qualities
  • Offer to wash, fold or put away laundry
  • Offer to do the mending or sewing
  • Make beds or wash and change sheets
  • Do the dishes or purchase paper products
  • Clean the house or just part of it, or pay for someone else to clean it for them
  • Fill up gas tanks or purchase a gift card for gasoline
  • Wash or vacuum vehicles
  • Renew vehicle registrations or give the car an oil change
  • Order food and have it delivered 
  • Offer to shop for groceries or other necessities
  • Weed the garden or mow the lawn
  • Shovel snow
  • Take their trash out to the street
  • Offer services in the area of your expertise (ie. taxes, hair cutting, mechanic)
  • Send gift cards for necessities such as food, clothing and transportation
  • Send gift cards for experiences that can alleviate stress and provide relief
  • Visit with someone and just listen
  • Be considerate by staying away or not making a visit when they need to rest or be alone
  • Don't try to solve all of their problems or tell them that you know how they feel
  • Let the grieving grieve or be angry--don't take offense by something someone says when they are suffering
  • Offer to schedule doctor visits or drive them to appointments
  • Offer to take over their carpool duties or drive children to practices and games
  • Help children with homework or reading
  • Offer your home for them to stay in while recuperating from surgery or for family members who are visiting
  • Offer to spend the night with children so parents can get away
  • Make a gift
  • Send flowers
  • Make them a care package
  • Organize, paint or build something for them
  • Purchase something for them that they may not be able to afford
  • Give a priesthood blessing
  • Fast for the individual or family
  • Pray always
  • Above all else, FOLLOW THE SPIRIT--the Lord knows the best way to succor those in need. Ask Him and He will show you the way to serve.

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  1. Excellent suggestions to help others!! -Karamie