Thursday, August 3, 2017


1. Find a container. A mason jar with a piece of mesh or a sprouting lid works well. Using specialized containers such as the Victorio DeluxeEasySprout or Sproutmaster make the job easy and save time, but a mason jar will do.

2. Put your seeds in the container and cover them completely with water. 

3. Soak for 4 hours to overnight.

4. After soaking, drain the water. Spread the seeds in the container so that they have room to breathe and grow. If you’re using a jar, an excellent strategy is to cover the mouth with a sprouting lid, or use some mesh or cheesecloth. Secure the mesh with an elastic and set the jar upside down at an angle with something under it to collect any water that drains off (like a bowl).

5. Rinse and drain the sprouts 1-2 times daily, with room temperature water. After rinsing, always make sure the sprouts are spread out a bit (a fork helps) and that you drain off all the excess water. If you can remember this rinsing step, you’ll be successful at this.

6. After a couple of days, once the seeds have sprouted tails, put them in sunlight for 2-5 days. They will green up. Every time you rinse, you’ll find you can rinse out some of the hulls. This isn’t necessary, but just makes your sprouts a bit tastier. This rinsing gets easier after a few days when they're close to being ready.

7. Your sprouts are ready to eat! Use them in sandwiches, salads and smoothies, or eat them plain. Store them in your sprouter and continue to rinse them daily until you finish eating them. They will keep growing as you remove some to eat, since they have more space. You can also store them in a breathable container in the fridge for 7-10 days. Be sure they aren’t wet when you put them in the fridge or they may rot.

For more detailed instructions on how to grow sprouts, click HERE.

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