Payment Instructions for Orders

Members may order product by signing up on a monthly order form through their WARD Provident Living Specialist. The monthly order form will be sent to all priesthood quorums and auxiliary groups(RS, YW, Primary, Elders, HP) by the ward specialist, and can be found on this blog in the section entitled "Monthly Order Form."

Ward members can make payments by filling out a tithing slip, indicating "Provident Living" in the “Other” category. Members should turn in payments with their donation/tithing slips to a member of their bishopric. At this time, there is no way for members to pay online.

Money is due for each order by the end of each ward's meeting block on the specified date for each order.

Ward clerks will transfer funds electronically to the Stake at the end their ward block on the Sunday that the order is due. Ward clerks will run a report for their ward's Provident Living Specialist that day, so they can match the funds with the orders. They will turn in all paid orders that day.

Money cannot be accepted after your block of meetings on the Sunday orders are due.  We will not be able to place an order that has not been paid for.

The Stake will cut a check to the vendor and the order will be placed.

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