Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spiritual Earthquakes

"In these latter days, we know there will be earthquakes in diverse places. Perhaps one of those diverse places will be in our own homes, where emotional, financial, or spiritual “earthquakes” may occur. Priesthood power can calm the seas and heal fractures in the earth. Priesthood power can also calm the minds and heal fractures in the hearts of those we love. Are we willing to pray, fast, study, seek, worship, and serve as men of God so we can have that kind of priesthood power?...

"May each one of us rise up as the man God foreordained us to be—ready to bear the priesthood of God bravely, eager to pay whatever price is required to increase his power in the priesthood. With that power, we can help prepare the world for the Second Coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ," Russell M. Nelson, The Price of Priesthood Power, April 2016.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Yesterday was the Great Utah Shakeout! Hundreds of people across the state practiced their earthquake preparedness skills. If you didn't have the chance to participate yesterday, take the time to practice your skills today!  

What should you do during an earthquake? 
Drop, cover and hold on! 

Official rescue teams that have been dispatched to the scenes of earthquakes and other disasters around the world continue to advocate use of the internationally recognized, "Drop, Cover and Hold On," protocol to protect lives during earthquakes: 
  • DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!),
  • Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and 
  • HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops.
If there isn’t a table or desk near you, drop to the ground in an inside corner of the building and cover your head and neck with your hands and arms. Do not try to run to another room just to get under a table.

These are general guidelines for most situations. Depending on where you are (in bed, driving, in a theater, etc.), you might take other actions, as described in Recommended Earthquake Safety Actions. 

When an earthquake strikes, try not to move, but protect yourself where you are. Studies of injuries and deaths caused by earthquakes in the U.S. over the last several decades indicate that you are much more likely to be injured by falling or flying objects than to die in a collapsed building. Drop, Cover, and Hold On offers the best overall level of protection in most situations. Do not get in a doorway; do not run outside; and do not believe in the "triangle of life".

Check out this great video to learn more about what to do during an earthquake, whether you are at home, at the store, in the mountains, or anywhere. You never know when this knowledge could save your life!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


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Monday, April 17, 2017

FHE: Emergency Preparedness Plan

In honor of earthquake preparedness month, start making a plan! For Family Home Evening tonight, create an emergency preparedness plan for your family. The 36th Avenue blog has some great ideas to help you create your plan. Here are some of the questions they suggested that we should ask ourselves in order to be prepared for an emergency:
1. Will our family know and recognize an emergency?
2. How will we find each other in case of an emergency?
3. Where will we find each other?
4. Will our basic needs be covered? 
Click HERE to get started! For additional emergency plans, click HERE. And don't forget to join us for our 5-Minute Food Storage Meals class this Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Ranches building(14 Bonanza Rd)!

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Wherever He walked, wherever He taught, wherever He healed—He changed everything. Then everything changed. The man they called Master, Messiah, Friend, was gone. But the greatest miracle was yet to come. 

He is not here. He is risen. He lives. And because He lives, if you reach out, call out, cry out—He is here—then, now, always. He is here during the good, the bad, the in-between. He is here no matter who you are or who you were. 

He is here—no exceptions, no lost causes, at all times, in all places. 
He is here. He rose on the third day. He lives today. Find Him.  

Be a witness to the world that Jesus Christ lives.