Friday, September 14, 2018


In an emergency, evacuation is always a possibility. Having a plan will save you time when trying to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Print a copy of an evacuation checklist and put it somewhere that you can access it quickly in case you need to evacuate. Click HERE for a printable copy of the evacuation checklists.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


"Hurricane Florence was still months away, 'but I felt a need to spend a fairly significant amount of time [during the zone conferences] on emergency preparedness.' 
"Under President Holland’s direction, the missionaries were soon building 72-hour kits, stocking up on drinking water and developing communication and evacuation plans. 
"'When [Hurricane Florence] did come, I felt that our missionaries were feeling quite peaceful and well-prepared,' he told the Church News on Thursday. 
"For anyone residing in hurricane-threatened communities, 'peace' and 'preparedness' are priceless qualities."

 Don't give up your sense of peace because of a lack of preparedness. Do something today to prepare for the unexpected.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

TONIGHT: Stake Youth Standards Night

Join us tonight for Stake Youth Standards Night at the stake center (549 S 1525 W) at 7:00 p.m. All youth ages 12+, and their parents are invited to attend. Brother Jeff Griffen will be speaking. 

After being involved in an accident that left him paralyzed soon after returning home from his mission, Jeff has since become the #1 ranked men’s singles in wheelchair tennis in the state of Utah. In 2002, he won the St. George marathon. Brother Griffen plays for the National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) Wheelin’ Jazz; and is a four time NWBA All-Star and MVP. He was a member of the 2004 USA Paralympic basketball team and the 2006 World Championship team. Brother Griffen is a Guinness world record holder, author of the book "I’Mpossible," and works with LDS humanitarian services to provide wheelchairs to third-world countries. He is married and a father to four children. 

TONIGHT: Face to Face Broadcast for Young Adults

Elder Quentin L. Cook will host a worldwide Face to Face event for young adults tonight at 6:00 p.m. The event will be broadcast live from Nauvoo, Illinois, and will focus on the Restoration of the gospel. Elder Cook will be joined by two Church historians, Sister Kate Holbrook and Brother Matt Grow. The event will be broadcast to BYUtv and

Thursday, September 6, 2018


These items are on sale at the Home Storage Center in September:

APPLES $10.25 per can
HONEY $3.50 per 1 lb. bottle
WHITE BEANS $4.50 per #10 can
GRANOLA $6.50 per 2 lb. bag
SEYCHELLE WATER FILTRATION BOTTLES $15.50 (filters 100 gallons)

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


"Let every head of household see to it that he has on hand enough food and clothing, and where possible, fuel also, for at least a year ahead," President J. Reuben Clark.

WEEK 1: Fuel (gasoline, butane, propane, kerosene)

WEEK 2: Laundry soap

WEEK 3: Clothes & cash

WEEK 4: Emergency kit with emergency radio